Mas de Peuch (or Steve’s place in Southern France)

In A Moveable Marfa, Steve rents a gîte on an old farm not far from Calvisson and Sommières in Languedoc (about 22 km from Nîmes). He wants to get away from Paris and his curious group of friends there and write. The area around the gîte is a beautiful area featuring many small villages, vineyards and olive groves.

April 2004, C E Hunt All Rights Reserved

Here is the patio where Steve writes his “Great American novel” and philosophizes with Brites well into the wee hours of the morning.

April 2004, C E Hunt All Rights Reserved

Here is the front of Steve’s gîte. Small but quite welcoming and perfect for his writing.

Villevielle, next to Sommières, has an olive cooperative where locals can bring their olives to be pressed for oil. Steve and his Brazilian friend, Brites, visit it in the book.

April 2004, C E Hunt All Rights Reserved
April 2004, C E Hunt All Rights Reserved

I’ll share more on Sommières in the future. It plays a key role in the book.


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I myself was fortunate enough to visit the cooperative “one day” and had a wonderful chat with Jean François Thurmond, the manager. It was the first time I had the opportunity to do an olive oil tasting. Jean was a very nice chap. I was learning French at the time, and he somehow understood me rather well. For that, I had an instant admiration for him.

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