Stacy’s Gift to Steve (or be open to the little things)

See anything in the above photo of Julia Street in New Orleans?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. But you could have…

This is Steve’s acknowledgement to Stacy that she had opened his eye to new things. Let’s go back and drill down in the above photo a bit more.

Let’s take a bit closer look at this unusual, tiny structure.

A few interesting features start to pop out. For one thing, the grill work is extraordinary.

Now, I’m not saying this is unqualified beauty, as if there were such a thing, but I’m sure almost every driver fails to see these nice features, probably most pedestrians in fact.

And this being New Orleans, something totally unexpected and inexplicable MUST happen. I never expected the Queen to wave at me through the grilled window!

Slow down, let a little of Stacy rub off on you, if of course, you’ve read the book.

If you haven’t, there’s a way to make this happen. It might make you a better person. Okay, well maybe, … I mean, it could happen.

Enjoy and be inspired!

Published by CE Hunt

CE Hunt is a writer and artist based in Louisiana and the Washington, DC area. This page is designed to share updates and commentary on his work and to highlight other works that may be of interest.

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