C E Hunt

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This site shares my writing, art, photography and my inspirations.

I’m glad you are here…

My work is largely inspired by the culture and beauty of the American Southwest, France, Spain, Mexico and New Orleans.

El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le acobija.

(If you get close to those from whom you can learn and be inspired, you’ll do well.)

Mexican Proverb

I am a student of World War I, the Spanish Civil War, the American West, African-American and Latino history, as well as the general history of the US, France and Mexico.

I am a 5th-generation Texan (Texas A&M, class of ’89) and have lived and traveled across North America and Europe (including having lived and written in France for five years). My work has been published by Texas A&M University Press, University of Texas Press and the Houston Chronicle. I currently split my time between the Washington, DC area and New Orleans, LA.

When in the DC area, I also enjoy exploring the beauty and history of the Chesapeake Watershed, including its rich American Indian heritage and its incredible seafood.

I am drawn to the aesthetic of the American 1920s (think Art Deco, streamlined styles, flappers) and 1960s (think Sinatra, Mad Men series and martinis) as well as the political era and music of the 1970s (think Rolling Stones and when Americans liked each other at least some, weren’t so tribalized and protecting the environment was bipartisan).