I have lived and traveled across North America and Europe (including having lived and written in Europe five years). My work has been published by Texas A&M University Press, University of Texas Press, BlackPast, Exotica Moderne and the Houston Chronicle. I currently split my time between the Washington, DC area and Louisiana. My latest novel is now available, The Sommières Sun. I am currently working on a follow-up to The Sommières Sun and a collection of short stories.

My inspirations are so many but include the work of–

  • Jesus (but not a lily white, blue-eyed version used sometimes to support hurtful behavior, but a radical middle easterner who taught us to love each other and make “good” trouble.)
  • Hemingway (I love his writing style and subjects)
  • Albert Camus (a master of describing the human condition)
  • Frederick Douglas (extraordinarily intelligent and brave social reformer)
  • Juan Gris (a Spanish master of cubism)
  • Sigurd Olsen (master nature writer and huge proponent of wilderness)
  • Maxine Johnston (a brave Texas conservationist)
  • John D. MacDonald (a mystery writer who was a master at weaving in social commentary)
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery (a French writer and aviator)
  • Enrique Alferez (extraordinary Mexican-American artist)
  • Dorothy Parker (a very smart, brave and funny poet, writer, critic and satirist)
  • Ken Layne (editor & publisher of DESERT ORACLE, the pocket-sized field guide to the mysterious American Southwest)
  • Lonn Taylor (one of the finest people I ever met and writer, historian and curator for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and author of a weekly column and podcast called “The Rambling Boy” with the newspaper The Big Bend Sentinel and Marfa Public Radio)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright (American Architect)
  • Henri Matisse (French painter, revolutionary master of expressive colors and styles)
  • Edward Hopper (20th Century master painter who captured alienation in American society)
  • John S D Eisenhower (incredible historian and writer)

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