A Recent Article on My Work

Here are a few images from a recent article on my work that appeared in the magazine “Shoutout Miami.” I enjoyed being interviewed, and it gave me a chance to articulate some things I had never shared, at least not in an organized way. It also gave me a chance to talk about my writing, painting and photography and how I used them to accomplish my goal to–

make peoples’ life richer and also encourage people to take care of their surroundings and preserve places and history to give our lives context and make our lives more enjoyable.

Published by CE Hunt

CE Hunt is a writer and artist based in Louisiana and the Washington, DC area. This page is designed to share updates and commentary on his work and to highlight other works that may be of interest.

2 thoughts on “A Recent Article on My Work

  1. Nice message, Chuck. I read the article a while ago. They did a great job with it—you’re a celebrity!

    Let me know when you have some time for a happy hour in the next couple of weeks. I’m back to outside-only meetings again, at least until Omicron departs. My book cover and dust jacket are done, and the manuscript is in proofreading. Hoping for an April publication and planning a pre-order campaign. So exciting!

    Happy New Year!


    elisamariesperanza@gmail.com http://www.theitalianprisoner.com she/her/hers



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