In my novel, A Moveable Marfa, my character Steve has an in depth conversation with a French woman on the definition of wealth and impacts of technology.

It’s a profound question.

Sign proclaiming a phone booth near Pesmes, France ©CE Hunt 2004

When this sign was first installed, whether it was here or nearby, one can imagine the excitement of this development on the outskirts of Pesmes, France. A real connection to the outside world! Of course, the installation of a phone booth in this village was just the beginning of a dramatic transformation of humans’ relationship to information and in a real sense, wealth.

Pesmes, France ©CE Hunt 2004

Perhaps another way to pose this question would be, “Has technology adversely affected our wealth? Does it distract us from pursuing our real wealth? How many times have you spent an hour or so on the internet and marveled at how little you grew that hour, how little you made “your habitat” better? Did you become wealthier during that spell?

That of course depends on your definition of wealth.

In Chapter 37 of A Moveable Marfa, Steve and his French friend share a bottle of wine attempting to define wealth. The nexus of American notions of wealth with his friend’s French notions makes for a stimulating conversation. I won’t spoil it, but money is certainly not at the forefront in the final analysis.

Below are some images that in my eyes evoke elements of wealth…

Fort Davis National Historic Site ©CE Hunt 2007
Books that we connected with or made our world a bigger and more interesting place or sensitized us to something important
El lamento del torero — C E Hunt 2020 All Rights Reserved
Gettysburg National Historical Park, Little Round Top at Dusk — C E Hunt 2017 All Rights Reserved
A nice draft at Finn McCool’s Irish Pub, New Orleans C E Hunt 2017 All Rights Reserved
Muffaletta at Napoleon House in New Orleans — C E Hunt 2017 All Rights Reserved

Beautiful scenery, great books, art, history, quality brews, good food …

But some of the most important aspects of true wealth can’t be fully captured in a photograph — love, caring, a good friend, health, spirit, spiritual maturity, unity, etc.

Steve and his friend do fair job tackling what is wealth over that bottle of wine in a small Moroccan restaurant in Sommières, France. Read chapter 37 in A Moveable Marfa if you want to “eavesdrop” on their conversation.

Sommières, France — C E Hunt 2004 All Rights Reserved


In memoriam of George Floyd 1974-2020.

Like me, he was a native of Houston. I played sports against his high school, Jack Yates Senior High School. The last picture is a picture of George catching a touchdown pass while at Yates. I didn’t know George, but I feel very connected to him somehow and at the risk of stating the obvious, feel these things cannot be acceptable at all in our society. Things must change now. My sympathies to his family and fiancée. (Love, caring and unity are all forms of wealth. In this department, we have so much to do in the United States.)

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