NOLA by Night

New Orleans has a very different personality by night. Far from Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, a somber, dignified city awaits, reflecting an interesting blend of old and new. Many of the buildings of the Warehouse District and Central Business District were built throughout the 1800s. Many were added in the 1900s and some are very new, but often at least somewhat sympathetic to their surroundings.

Sadly, many tourist never see much of this side of New Orleans. Maybe because of the quiet and lack of crowds, one can better get a real sense of place.

Don’t forget to peer inside places as well.

Art galleries evoke a strange loneliness late at night.

My mind races thinking about writing a short story about a mysterious character slowly walking down the rain soaked street pictured below!

Spend some time across this great city. Inspiration is everywhere.

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Published by CE Hunt

CE Hunt is a writer and artist based in Louisiana and the Washington, DC area. This page is designed to share updates and commentary on his work and to highlight other works that may be of interest.

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